PRESS START (reupload)

(Before I begin, I’d like to apologize for advertising and putting links on my old post. I just joined the Gimkit Creative Community Forum today, and I did not read the FAQ/TOS, which I regret, so I did not know that what I was doing was wrong. I again apologize, and I will make sure I will not make the same mistake again. That’s why I’m reuploading this.)

I am releasing a series of Video Game-themed Gimkit Creative modes. I’m calling it, “PRESS START”. I’ve already made 2 games: Kirby’s Dream Gimkit and New Super Mario Bros. Gimkit. Here are a list of Gimkit Creative modes I made/want to make:

-Kirby’s Dream Gimkit (finished, but undergoing updates)

-New Super Mario Bros. Gimkit (finished)

-Sonic the Hedgehog Gimkit (upcoming, need ideas)

-Metroid: Gimkit Edition (construction has not started, need ideas)

-Pokemon: Gimkit Version (construction has not started, need ideas)

-The Legend of Zelda: Era of Gimkit (construction has not started, need ideas)

If you have ideas or suggestions, please let me know. These must be finished by Sep 12, 2024, which is National Video Game Day in the United States.



Hmmm… yes, I will make Nintendo as mad as possible with copyright infringement.
Jokes aside, you should not use names that Nintendo copyrights, because that will get your game taken down.

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I don’t think that’s true though, because LOTS of people have done this before, and they seem to be just fine (for now, at least…)

Nuh uh, they’re still breaking the rules, now stop replying to me, I have to get a certain person in a raid against a certain padlet by 5:30.

Then what names can I use for example? And what is a padlet?

For the Zelda one you could add maybe a bunch of barriers for a dragon if its platformer

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Hmmmm. “Press Start”…is that a Geometry Dash reference?


lol that’s what i thought at first too


I actually don’t play Geo Dash, but yes, it was! Good catch!

hey welcome Dee_Show when I first joined GIMKIT creative forum I got flagged 8 times lol because I was sharing links

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You should change the names to something like Kirgim’s Dream land, or Super Gim bros, etc.


“Super Gim Bros. Brawl…” I like that, though I’m not so sure about “Kirgim’s Dream Land.”

Girby’s dreamland lol

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hmm. The adventures of Pink Gim?

The Legend of Gimmie

Super Smash Bros Brawl is such a revolutionary game. Anyways, I have a suggestion: Link’s Gimwakening. One of my favorite Legend of Zelda games, especially the remaster on Switch.

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And plus, I don’t really think that Nintendo will be against me for the names, especially since I added “Gimkit” to them, the thumbnails are Gims, these are just Gimkit remakes & not actual games, and lots and lots of people have done this before, yet they seem to be just fine.

nintendo might not even know your games are a thing but Gimkit must follow copyright policies and stuff

Scratch has had a lot of Nintendo stuff for years and didnt get taken down. But this is Nintendo we are talking about, so stuff can happen.

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scratch is different from gimkit though