Power ups? (Cod Zombies map)

Yeah, i was thinking of making the power ups from Cod Zombies like Insta Kill or Nuke.(Besides Max Ammo,since gadgets have unlimited reserve ammo) In case you guys don’t know what these are, Max Ammo gives maximum ammunition, both in reserve and current magazine. Nuke kills every zombie, and Insta kill allows make damage to be done. @Haiasi, how would i make the landmines spawn and eliminate the sentries?

You could make a button that deactivates sentries near your area and shows a fire or bomb emoji

So, bit confused on how i’m supposed to make the sentries deactivate

Using wires.

Button Pressed > Deactivate Sentry

Oh. One: Will the sentries be able to reactivate and Two: what thing allows that to deactivate the sentry(sentries)?

One: If you want the sentries to reactivate,
connect your button to a trigger and insert the delay you want before activating and connect the trigger to the sentry


Button Pressed > Trigger

Triggered > Activate Sentry

The button.

If it works, don’t forget to mark a solution!

Does it work?

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Ok i’ll test it and see if it works.

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