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Why did you remake this? I could have just done it myself
It is my guide after all.

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Here you go, @GimSolver

Yeah, but I could have done it, it’s my guide.

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I will say… I did say it wouldn’t be a bad idea on Thingy.

Great! First I make a guide ruined by people saying I have an alt, then it gets remade by someone else without my permission.
Like I said, I’m not phoque. Don’t reply to this, just saying, my guide got ruined for something I didn’t do, then gets remade.


just end mark a solution and let gimsolver remake if he wants to!
@twofoursixeight please mark solution before we have to flag for copying someone else’s guide entirely word by word without their permission.

sorry your getting that hate :(, and other things maybe you need a break play another game for awhile might relieve some strees

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btw @GimSolver look at old canva chat…there is link to new one we are starting with more people. tell me if you need link directly.

Please mark a solution to avoid clutter!

What old canva- oh, that extremely old thing. Sure, I need the link.
Sometimes I forget that you’re the same person as before :rofl:

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PLEASE mark a solution.

@LoneWolf could you take away your request for your thumbnail in foxy’s guide if my thumbnail worked for you? (so we don’t have people working on something already finished)

Then I apologize. I don’t know if you count me as one of them, but I’m sorry if I did then. :frowning:

Please read the part of the title after the comma.


not to try and start an argument but wasnt the last one flagged for spam as it was way too simple? and could be made easily? (yesh i know it says ignore topic but i just cant help myself can i? -_- sigh burn me pls) and yeh jeffo´s a bit right you cant really control other peeps so its really no use getting mad over it i mean come on im literally a maniac who gets into arguments just to sharpen my mind (dont ask the end)

i agree a bit hard not to go looking when it says ingore or off topic because then you got to know what went down and it spirals (as i continue to add to the fire) but arguments are fun and do sharpen your mind im dumb and will not be able to win an argument so im not going to try

Please mark a solution!

you know the closing the post isn’t nvm