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Should I make a guide to runner games or will that get me flagged even more because you said i’ll be suspeneded and i don’t want to get flagged more I ment a guide for mechanics such as boss fights coins etcetra obstacles because i have good ideas i’m not tlaking about sega sonic i’m talking about any runner game in platformer mode in gimkit

Um you should probably put a guide in Community made guides. but not until you have actually made the guide.

I wasn’t putting it here just asking

as long as you don’t put offensive or off-topic things, you won’t get flagged unless there are flag farmers trying to get you

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sure but if you do don’t make a new topic just use this topic and delete the stuff you have in it

But at the top it says “A guide to runner games” pretty misleading if your asking a question.

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well someone siad if i don’t add pictures i’ll get flagged and how do i delete this post

you can’t delete a post once there are replies.
but you don’t need to delete the post!

just put your guide here!!

nvm i saw your new post

just mark a solution

I say that because i put the guide into a another post because this was under devices by accident and it got moved

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