Possible Map ideas

I’m bored, yet again, and i want to do something art related. I just want to make something people would want to recreate so if you have ideas, please tell me. Thanks.

more realistic outside of buildings?

can try i was hoping like small things that people would use like cannon’s cars, fruniture, etc.

I have one, gadget barrier or prop art (I made a zapper on one of my deleted maps)

like a sling shot or evil eye.

Yes, using anything (like text for accents of colors)

alright, smart but when will people use that often?

Maybe a cooking game?

like a stove or fridge?

For props on a table (I kinda get bored seeing the bobbing animation for things on a table)

What about an oven and some drawers

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thats just layering, or am i understanding it wrong.

Nono like a ripoff of cooking mama… (i randomly thought of cooking :skull:)

  1. pool table
  2. animals
  3. light, lamps
  4. kitchen stuff
  5. walls, towers, turrets

No idea what that is.

i like the idea of the pool table, sort of neat.

I like the idea of the animals it can make everything look a bit better

I mean, people need to use item granters for things on a table (Like a gimfish for example), and custom emojis don’t work, so if we (or you) make a guide on barrier or prop art on how to make gimkit gadgets or items (and we would finally see ROTATED GADGETS!)

that would be cool, i can make a wiki on that for others to chip in as well. @Coffee you willing to do that?

it is a game centered around cooking where players can prepare various dishes. (basically a summary)