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How Do I Put A Countdown Timer In A Popup?

Use a trigger and set it in seconds to how long you wish the delay to be, then place a popup and wire the trigger to it, the wire needs to be “Trigger activated-Activate Popup”.

But I Want A Countdown Timer Shown By Text Inside The Popup

You can’t make a timer move on the popup, but if you use popup on a trigger of 0.5, and have the timer start at 1 minute(1:00) just add the text 1:00 to the popup and copy and paste it over and over. Add 0.5 seconds to each trigger(0.5, 1.0, 1.5, etc) and decrease the time be 1 second on the popup for each second. Its tedious, but thats how its done. And you will need a button to start the timer popup function.

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Use this but with a popup instead of an overlay.

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