Popup system (like in capture the flag)

how do you make one of those pop up things like in capture the flag, but with a on screen button, so that it would say something like “Wild fox has the bounty”

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You want to make a notification when someone has the flag?

no, like if you press a button the popup will say that

So from a game overlay?

like this kind of button
Screenshot 2023-10-24 6.51.46 AM

Here, @wild_fox
Button Pressed > Relay Pulse

Wire Pulse Repeated > Run Wire Pulse Block

In the blocks, type something like this

Set Text
Create Text with “Triggering Player’s Name”
has the bounty!
Extra Notes

The two devices used here (in order of the wiring) are the Game Overlay and the infamous device…

The Wire Repeater! :zap::repeat:

If I am correct, the “Set Text” block is found in the “This Device” tab/gate.
The “Create Text With” is found the “Text”tab/gate.
The “*Triggering Player’s name*” block is found in the Essentials tab/gate.

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is the game overlay text or button

A game overlay should be a button.

Can you send that in pictures i am SUPER confused!!

I thought there was a setting for this in the flag device. Have you checked on All Options?

I am not talking about this for the flag thing :weary:

In the popup, code what @Haiasi said

Can you send that in pictures i am SUPER confused!!

i want to build my game

It’s fairly simple. Do you want me to explain?

YES please :weary: :skull: :skull:
i built this so that someone could tell me SIMPLY

@wild_fox Place down a overlay device, make it a button. Wire it to a popup with the settings (Button pressed → Run wire pulse block). Do you understand this?

no, because i tested it and on both screens the button was switching and the message did not pop up