Popup Softlock Part 2

So I have ANOTHER popup softlock bug. I have a softlock mechanism that unlocks the popup in .25s, but it only works about 60% of the time.

maybe because it pulls so much on the game that is sometimes shorts out?

But recursion never shorts out.

its not that, when you have to much happening at once lag happens, and by lag I mean frozen screen that quites the function to restore the ability to play.

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What are you talking about lol?

what do you not undertsand? the game gets overided by the amount of funtions happening so it shuts of the cause, which is that system.

Is this for animation? If so just use trigger clocks which are super efficient. To prevent yourself from being soft locked put down a timer that counts down and when It is done counting down shuts off all the other popups and opens a closable one.

That doesn’t happen.

No its the F1 crashing system.

The timer should work in theory.

So I fixed this with a CTA to the trigger, but this is STILL a problem.

Wait, so whats the system

I have a channel for when they crash. It triggers the soft-locking popup. It also triggers a delayed trigger closing the popup. No recursion to mess things up, like the other times.

You’re sure there’s no double chaining or anything?

Can you send the entire system?

No double chaining. Just a linear system.

Are you absolutely sure it’s just two triggers?

Yes. trigger to popup and trigger to delayed trigger. I have 2 triggers for different delays: one for practice (.25s), and one for the real game (5s). I deactivate the practice one when the race starts and activate the other one.

Maybe try checking them during the actual game, see if they really do activate and deactivate. Also, can you send a link to f1’s publish real quick? I can’t check discord rn and you can edit it out in a sec

I’m not going to send it.

ok then
the thing about making sure they actually do run still stands