Popup shop trouble

Idk how to make a popup shop can you guys help?

I mean, I read all of @mysz guide but can’t understand, I am more of a visual learner…

is anybody gonna reply? I really need this before I have to go to bed.

What part are you confused with?
The main idea is that there’s a call-to-action with an Item (purchases from a vending machine) and there’s a “next” button that opens another popup with an item which repeats that cycle for all the popups.

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umm, a litte more english


(extra part because the question marks won’t send by themselves)

I didn’t understand half of what ya said

maybe some pictures? I learn better with pictures

all right whatever, sincce no one is on I will continue tomorrow

It should be something like this.

The more items you want, just repeat the system.


Don’t ping Mysz. They were banned.

oh, sorry I didn’t know

Maybe use How To Make A Cafe Game guide to help with the popup shop

ok I’ll check it

When making pop-ups I use a trigger and connect it using the wire like this-

Then make it so that the trigger isn’t showing up in the game!

Ye, I know but I need a popup SHOP

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