Popup not working

So I have a popup for when the game starts but it’s not working for the other player when I try and test with another player. I have it set so one team sees one part of the popup using blocks. How do I fix it?

DId you wire a Lifecycle device to a popup device?

Yeah I did

Ok, so it should pop up for everyone, but if you want it for a certain team put that teams spawn pads, in a zone and when activated, the pop up starts, you don’t even need the lifsycle, because I din’t know if you can make it to were only one team can see it. This is the only way I can think of.

Are you using a relay?

No I’m using blocks

Can you take a screenshot of what you have right now?

Wire the lifecycle to a relay. The relay should open the popup.

Lifecycles are only for the game host, since it’s the host that clicks the button to start the game. To fix this, you’ll need to add the relay.


Use a button and relay. Set relay audience to all players.


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Could you send a picture of the whole system, I have done a couple things like this and might be able to help

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