Popup is undefined... huh?

I was making a loading animation popup, and this happened:
Screenshot 2024-04-01 7.10.02 PM
(It says “Fishingunidifned”)

This is the block code:

(Wire pulse block runs each second, then closes the popup.)

This is proof i’m not faking it:
Screenshot 2024-04-01 7.18.57 PM

hmmm… its april 1st. i feel like this is a prank…

well, I guess ill try to help. gimme a few minutes

why are the some of the number blocks this white-ish color?
idk much abt block code

and also,
why do you need to use the “create text with” block, couldn’t you just use the text block directly?

Why are some of the block numbers white? Aren’t they supposed to be blue?


wait so you just created a popup and it was like this?

I would agree.

Also you are trying to set a variable to both a number, then a string and then increase it every time which wont do anything because it isn’t stored between calls. Also you try to read the result and set the header before the code even runs.

Basically none of this works

Why are they white? Did you just disconnect them and make it look like they’re connected?

Its cause the property isn’t set (or defined with a start value) before the value is trying to be modified

That would make sense. I’ve ran into this before, too, when a user didn’t have any of a specific item, which was turned into a property.


Because I used the “Change varibible” block, which is set to already change.

BUMP because I need this to be solved.

Again, I can’t work on my game with this bug.

Sorry i keep telling myself im going to help but then i keep forgetting. Basically none of what you have works, i would just delete the block code.

I am on mobile so just get me a sec to get something working

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Can you explain what I have to do?

Yes. First get a:

  • Trigger
  • Counter
  • Property
  • Popup

For the Trigger:

For the Counter:

Also make the counter reset on “ResetCounter”

For the Property:

The default value doesn’t matter

For the popup:

Add a code block that runs on “DecCounter”

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To start the system use a lifecycle that broadcasts on “DecCounter”. Now whenever you open the popup it should do the animation

^^^^ this works great

you can also use typewriter text to get a similar effect with dots counting upwards, but it wont open and close the popup

Yeah this is a modified version since it only types part of it and has to loop infinitely

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Let me check if it works.