Pop-ups When You Touch Something?

Does anyone know how to make it if you touch something or interact with something, it shows a pop-up?

Button connected to popup
when button pressed open up popup

or zone wired to popup

Or zone to popup
when player enter zone open popup
oops didn’t see @Blackfox45666 's post sry

Thanks, but I wanted to know for example if you touch a certain type of floor or something, it would show a pop-up.

it foine ima speed typer lol (i play too much written realms so yeh i type fast but think a bit slower)

not really possible unless zones or buttons

Oh, ok, but how would you connect a zone to a pop-up?

Oh lol no wonder…
(I only type fast when I need to…)

Use a zone wired to a pop-up as was said earlier in this topic.

either wire or channels have you done the creative tutorial yet? it explains all the basics of channels and wiring

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

You would get a trigger and based on if you want to make it visible in-game or not, you would have to modify the trigger. Once done, wire to the Pop-Up or make it work through the channels.
Now, every time you step on it in-game, the Pop-Up should show up now.

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