Pop Up shop gui using game overlay

I’m attempting to make a Counter Strike 2 similar game however I don’t know how to create a shop at the beginning of the match to buy the weapons. I would like to use the game overlay device because it seems the simplest to make but anything works if I get a thorough and clear tutorial. I couldn’t find anything else on this that helped. :confused:

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Try this: Making a Pop-up shop for all your pop-up shop needs
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use a popup with a call to action button? haven’t really used call to actions that much.

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I saw this earlier and I didn’t understand it

the main idea is that in your 2 call to action slots, there will be 1 item and a “next item button”
the first will attempt to buy the item and the second will move on to the next item.
this allows you to have a near-infinite amount of weapons

Hopefully this will help and if it does I will mark solved thanks! :slight_smile:


I still don’t understand what to do with the call to actions thing.

So basically one call to action buys an item.
Connect it to a vending machine to attempt to purchase it.

The second one opens another popup which has the same thing as the sentence above and the first popup.

then repeat and repeat

How do I make the game overlay buttons show up though? I keep trying but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

those are popups, not overlays.

what event do you want to happen to show your popup (i.e, a button pressed)

I was planning on having a bunch of buttons from the game overlay device in the corner and buy from there but I’m not sure about what you’re talking about.

You can connect your game overlay to open the popup shop

Maybe later if what I’m thinking doesn’t work but thank you anyway!

Just a general question, am I able to create a button overlay on top of a popup. Meaning having an item displayed and the cost and have a button over top of the banner to actually buy it.

there is no setting like that but you can name the item name and cost in the call to action

Alright thanks
Hopefully I can figure this out

AHA I DID IT. Thank you so much!

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You’re Welcome :slight_smile:

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