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Be with the chosen few…
For years, society has been too leaning towards things. Things that don’t agree with Mother Nature.
Now, we are striving to find a way to reconnect to nature.
The WickerGim shall rise…with the help of a few gims.

Name: Rise of WickerGim
Scene: A BIG gim made of wood, burning but still recoginsable. Several gims are looking towards the WickerGim, their backs turned to the camera. The WickerGim is in the centre. The background is a dried up forest. You might want to add some suspicious scorched bones…

Go crazy with shading.

Edit: don’t go off topic…also call me Toaster.


Something like this

If your an artist yourself, why can’t you make it?

maybe he wanted to see other people’s styles or something

I’m a they :]
Also im lazy and i want to see how other people take this concept

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I can make one!
Running away from burnout…

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I can make one by Thursday bc I’m a little busy. Do you prefer hand drawn or photoshop?

Hand-drawn if possible, i don’t quite like photoshop

@Sables do your thing and make me art okay

Why do you keep pinging an inactive user to make art…?

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  1. one of my friends are actually Sables
  2. they gave perms for me to ping them
  3. i can

Okay… but if they’re one of your friends in-person, just ask them… in person.
It’s better than just to keep pinging and pinging until you finally, if ever, get a response.

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They can’t respond as their account is on hold.
Friend says: Um actually I wouldn’t have the post if I wasn’t pinged so ha
(Don’t blame me let them cook)

that sentence made absolutely no sense.
what does “have the post” even mean in this context?

Have the quick link to this post probably

Well, that’s pretty pointless.
But whatever, I’ll keep working on this thumb.

Never mind, I can’t finish this one.

It’s okay, I’ll just get sables to do it.
Is what you’ve done so far salvageable?

do not click

Curious? Really?

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Can I use your drawing? Not straight up copy it but use it to make a thumbnail for you. (also i clicked!)

Huh? Which one?