Poll is here! (dont vote yourself)

poll is here!! (dont vote yourself)





Please dont vote yourself

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Me as the maker of the game I really like @GimNo0b

same here i voted gimnoob


when im done put up a new poll

gims? position? ground? sky? location? other details?

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ok details:

Game name: Explore Your New Home!

Gims: stache (as the dad) daisy (as the m0m) Solaria (as you or me) cocoa cup or golden cocoa cup (as the brother)

Gim actions: running into the new home

Setting: family outside running towards there new home

Hand-drawn or Photoshop: hand-drawn

if you can make one i would be really grateful!

aww man i cant do hand drawn sorry

but I can try

WARNING: do not vote @Gimkit4 his/her thumbnail is for my other game.

@DXCTYPE you dont have to do hand-drawn

okay thanks

should be done on tuesday or Wednesday, depending on my time

nice thanks a lot!!

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WARNING: No more voting waiting for @DXCTYPE thuhmbnail.

wiat what why?

Because people are going to have like 40% votes and your going to start at zero so I thought it wouldn’t be far.

then just do a new poll

yea but once you submit your thumbnail.

so unmark the solution and ima get started

why did you not just post this in the topic it was originally in :/, there’s no need for two topics on this.

ok @DXCTYPE will do :saluting_face:

exactly no need to cause clutter ngl

sorry guys