Poll for What I Should Make Next

I had asked what I should make, and I found one I really liked but wanted to see which of the ones you guys would like.

  • Splatoon-like Game
  • Underwater Adventure
  • Battle Royale
  • PvZ (plants vs. zombies)
  • Escape Room
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I would like to see another rendition of an already existing game! [1] Battle royales have been overdone[2], and underwater adventures are usually just regular adventures with a blue color palate. Maybe an escape room, if you could pull it off and not make it super annoying to play/tedious?

  1. Besides Fortnite, GK8, or Amoung Us ↩︎

  2. ALSO due to Fortnite ↩︎


I think an escape room would be nice. Honest. :smiley: @ClicClac, how do you make those dots like that??? :thinking:

Wassup ClicClac! You remember me? Well with the battle royale I was gonna make it a little like Fortnite, just I guess without the skins and stuff. (lol I just noticed you had mentioned Fortnite, oof)

it’s a footnote

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Yeah, I remember you! If you make the game in-depth enough, it could stand out from the crowd as one of the only good battle royale games! Just know that you’ll have to work extra hard, due to battle royales being really easy to make!

Uhm… I still don’t quite understand it sorry. Lot of complicated reading.

If I edit it will the poll reset?

you can’t edit the poll after 5 min
you will have to delete it and then post it again so yeah


  1. You put a carot symbol “^”, then put text in brackets “[ ]”. ↩︎

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I don’t need to edit the poll but I just need to write something down above it.

The poll will still reset.


  1. Would it work like this? Or is that not right… ↩︎


I guess since I don’t want the poll to reset, if you vote can you put what you voted for? I’m just curious who voted for what.

there is an option while making a poll to do that

You learn something new every day! Will that still reset the poll?

yes it’s an edit

Bump because I need more voters

Bump because I need even more voters

Bump once again because I really want at least 20 voters
edit: (let’s goooooo I got 20 voters!!!)
edit edit: It’s decided I’m gonna be making PvZ, but I will probably make them all eventually