Pokemon ideas question

Hey, just wanted to ask…
How should I make evolutions in my pokemon game?
Using weapons or using blocks ‘n’ barriers?

I think it’s probably possible, but just really complexed. I could ping some people if you want to.

Sure, why not?

Um, because they don’t want to be pinged?

Not to sound rude or anything.

Some, yes, might not want to be.

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I can’t ping.

I have no idea why anyway.

Wait, what? You can’t do something like @Kormorant or @TigriRose?

Yeah, it just takes really long to post.

Please try not to ping me unnecessarily.

Alright, unless TigriRose has an idea, I’ll just wait for some more people to help…

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I don’t play Pokemon, so can you explain what you mean by weapons and barriers?

With weapons evolution, the weapons would be the pokemon, and you would evolve your weapon/pokemon. However, that would make a very limited set of pokemon.

Barriers, on the other hand, could be used to make a variety of pokemon, and with many attacks, compared to just one from a weapon. Blocks would be required for this, however.

A possibility would be rarity. Evolve or stages can be defined rank. Like lets say you get a starter Mewtwo That PKM could be a QP Gray/common rarity. Evolve could bump it to a QP Green/Uncommon rarity

Barriers are more unique and appeasing than just a weapon, you could make an imitation smokescreen and hide the former barriers/props and have new ones appear. Animation would be awesome but really advanced.

So Weapons have a clear power and color change, and barriers have a clear design change.

Yeah, that’s the problem with barriers, AND the problem with weapons.

Yeah, weapons are SUPER boring and easier, and barriers are WAY better but WAY more advanced

I’m planning on making a full pokemon game, and then making some guides.
We’ll see how hard it gets.

Duplicate post?

Anywho how does your current pokemon system work? Is there a way to level up the xp of your pokemon?

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Sorry, I had forgotten I’d posted that. I just marked a solution there.
Here is the XP/Level Up system: