Point system help

how do i make it so i can switch points because i have a game of po
ol set up but i need it so i can switch the point system every time the balls are done rolling when you hit it it may sound confusing but please

ill come back in like a hour and look at replies bc ive got class

Do you mean increase the score? You can use a counter that updates a property. The capture zone can broadcast on a channel that increases the counter. Then, make the property the score under map options.

i think it may help but what im saying is in pool the person hits the ball lets say they get a 8 in
they get a point but how do i make it the point system switches when its the next persons turn so when they hit the ball it counts for player 2s point

basically switching turns and having the point system switch with the players turn also thanks for the help ima put you in the shoutouts!

Two separate counters. You need a device that can transmit a channel for one team only, and you need two of those.

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