Plssss help with my map

Hi! Im making a ‘escape the island’ map, and i want to make something where you need to search a leafpile. I want to make a button that says search and when you click it, the leafs disappear and one of those space trapdoors appears. but when i try it, the entrance won’t appear. Pls help.

make it so that when you press the button it sends a channel that makes the leaf pile disappear but makes the trapdoor appear

thats the thing
i dont know how

Ok. With a button, wire it, clicking z (hotkey), to the leaf pile, and make it disappear. Then wire the button to the entrance to mark it appear.

I’m sorry but when I looked at the word “island”, why did I think of bfdi :dotted_line_face:


Uses wires instead of channels = easier

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Also don’t forget to show the entrance too.

What entrance?
I have no idea what you mean

cough cough… (reads what they need at the end)

No I mean like the trapdoor or teleporter or smth completely different…

Yeah, that’s the entrance, for their secret thingy I guess.

I think they mean like that space hatch prop.

(Which can be done by wiring the button to the space hatch and do show prop)

Yep. I’ll add it. (Sorry…)

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I meant the escape hatch. Its going to lead to a secret base. Thx for the help!

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Oh, so then just add a teleporter under the space hatch.

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The game is already looking really cool!! I think i can publish it soon. (and I hope you guys will play ofc)

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