Pls Help! What is Cell Shading And how do you do it?!?

What is cell shading? Pls Help, @ClicClac!!!


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why don’t you use a dictionary or search it up?

for gimkit.

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Cel Shading - Wikipedia

I found a youtube video on this, it might help: CEL SHADING explained in 5 minutes - YouTube

i have no idea on how this works lol
interesting though- i might read it
…and i have no idea how to apply this to gimkit, maybe we could use tinted barriers


So, how do you do it?

In gimkit, there is:
1st: No 3d objects to cel shade,
2nd: No way to make a custom renderer with these limited tools. (There might be, but not in a long time, or at least until there are more logic sensors like triggers or movable props.)

You would tackle this in a 3d environment by taking the brightness output of your screen, the base colors/textures of objects and setting certain intervals of the brightness value, and output that new value as the one rendered.

This is a very basic sketch of what the process looks like, without going into the color portion.

Anyway, I hope this helped!


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