Please Never Use Repeaters (and a guide on looping)

I love how you only used baby words like “repeater no good”. lol.


ok now i see, repeaters are useless XD

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Not useless. Limited.


Yes, Triggers are much good, but the other part, you know, in the dropdown?


I have a question for this though
If you deactivate a trigger, do you need to activate it again or can you just trigger it?

You need to activate it again before you can trigger it.

(Otherwise, deactivating it wouldn’t do anything!)


bump because this is important. wait, is that a repeater?

“eh you probably forgot but still”’

@wingwave what was the link to the guide definitely not to torture you with notifs

I’ve turned off notifications for that guide!!! Haha!!!

also I’m not letting that post come back, its caused too much