Please I need help on a waypoint tracking a player!

I’m pretty sure that’s only for guides…
Tehebest823: When you step on the trigger the waypoint should be seen by other players

But it’s only supposed to be seen by one player. Plus I don’t know which player the waypoint tracks.

that’s why there is a relay. to hide the waypoint from other players that aren’t admin

But which player does the waypoint track?

admin has lifecycle.

On game start, then it does a relay to everyone and shows a waypoint.

Make it go to a checker though, and only if the check passes, (use an item only the murd has, if not any, give him one) then track the player.

Try this , and all i can say is that the way point on a player tracks the player with an arrow and everyone else can see it except that player, and it will lead you to them. And to do so you must place a waypoint device and change it to track “player”.

I already looked there. I didn’t see much help there.

@Txme_Lxss I don’t know which player it tracks.

ok. Try this.

On game start, make a relay to check everyone for an item. Only the murd has the item, if they have it, then make a waypoint that’s activated because of them.

Ok, now I’m confused…

maybe make it so the murd on game start is waypoint tracked, but the waypoint is on player scope then hide it for everyone except the admin using a life cycle and relay.

But which player does it track?!?!?!?!

A waypoint has 4 different actions that can be triggered via channel.

  • activate
  • deactivate
  • follow
  • stop follow

First, create a waypoint, and set it to track the location of a player, and set the active scope to player. When the person with the intent of eliminating all others is selected, have it send on a channel. The waypoint starts following when recieving on that channel. When the admin is selected, have that send on a channel. The waypoint activates when recieving on that channel.
If this doesn’t work, tell me what happened instead.

image :skull:

it tracks the murd

(sorry for the late reply)

Get a waypoint set up like this.

Then all you need to do is have when it picks the murdérer broadcast on follow and when it picks whoever needs to see the waypoint broadcast on activate.

But which player does it track?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

The mrdr. Txme_Lxss already said it too:

But how do I know it tracks the mrdr?

test it out in game

“oh, with who?!”

another tab

might need multiple tabs tho

I’ve already tried that but it doesn’t work

How are you picking the murdérer?

Random chance. Decided by teams.