Please help with team switching

How do you switch teams without respawning a player?

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@GimAI /gimai_help How can you switch a player’s team without making the player respawn?

Absolutely, @tprai! Using the “Team Switcher” device in Gimkit Creative could be an effective way to change a player’s team without making them respawn. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Place the Team Switcher Device: You can locate this device in your Gimkit Creative tools, place it in a suitable location where you want the team switch event to occur.

  2. Set the Target Team: In the device’s properties, select the team you want the player to be switched to when the device is activated.

  3. Wire it to the Trigger: The Team Switcher needs to be activated by an event. This could be the player pressing a button, entering a specific zone, answering a question correctly, or any number of things based on your game design. Use the “Wire” tool to connect the activating device to the Team Switcher. Choose the appropriate trigger event from the activating device, and wire it to the “Switch Conditions” of the Team Switcher.

However, if you find that switching the team causes the player to respawn and you wish to avoid this, you can leverage the “Property” device.

  1. Place a Property device: This device will store the data about the player’s team.

  2. Update the Property with Block Code: Use block coding to update the properties whenever a specific device is triggered (such as entering a zone or pressing a button). This could require some basic knowledge of scripting and understanding of the game mechanics to implement effectively.

Please note that the success of these steps will heavily depend on the specific mechanics and limitations of Gimkit Creative and some of this information may be inaccurate.