Please help me!

My sentries are disappearing. (They are not all spammed in one place)

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You may have hit the sentry limit. How many do you have?

Weird bug…
I don’t know what’s happening.

14, but I plan on having like 45-ish

Is the inventory slots set to 0? If yes, that’s the problem.


yep, if you have too many cramped in one area they disappear

It’s set to 3.

They are all 5-25 blocks apart

oh ok. if thats the case then idk what’s happening


What’s the memory at?


Shouldn’t this be in Bugs?

Well, I do need help

I’ll change to bugs once solved

Also, it only happens after I leave the game and rejoin. (I did save it before I left)

I’m sorry but I have no idea may just be a bug.

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Set this to bugs

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Are you editing or is this in a publish?