Please help me with some design ideas!

Please help me get some ideas!

  • Obstacle Course
  • Escape Room
  • Other
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Hi to who voted. Do you want to try my racing game?

please don’t advertise here

I’m not advertising! i just need someone to try it.

no codes here either and mentioning the game name is advertising unless you were asked for it

Yes, advertising is a violation of the FAQ and can get u banned.

Share it on the WIX.
Go to @CringeKarlScott’s profile and click on the link
Don’t Do it here.

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(post deleted by author)

Yes don’t do it EVER AGAIN

again codes are not allowed


Sorry😥… I didn’t see ur post when i posted

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Just Remember :thinking:


it’s fine remember to read the guidelines and topics in forum-tips forum-beginners also help


:ok_hand: thanks! what type of game should i make?

look here for ideas idea-catalog we have tags to help us find the guides we need you can search for them too

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Why will the topic be closed in 3 hrs?

you marked a solution it prevents chatting

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i unmarkerd thee solution.

reeload it.

Personally, I would like an obstacle course but you might have to wait for DLD to come out.

(Fun fact, this is the 6700 help topic! Now it’s time to wait for the 6900! :slight_smile: )

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