Player randomisation help

So I’m making a sorta of amongus type game, and I want it so when you press a button, it randomises a player and puts it into a popup that appears on the player who pressed the button’s screen, but not the random player* and I can’t seem to get the random player property/variable/relay/I really have no idea into the whole thing. . .

*I’m using it like a simplified voting system where it asks you “is this the player?” and randomises a player and you say yes or no using call to action. If you were to press it again it would show a different name.

Here are the guides I can find on this topic. Hope this helps!

Ok so the first one is basically what I did, with a few tweaks to make it fit with my map, but I still can’t get it into the pop-up. The second one I tried before I decided voting was too hard for me, and it wouldn’t work for some reason, so really I think the problem is that I don’t know how to get the random player into the pop-up itself.

maybe you can assign players numbers at the beginning of the game, and then the voting system asks what number you think it is.

Give each player an ID. Then, when the button is pressed, choose a random number using a trigger, between 1 and the “Num Players” property. Then, using a relay, have everyone check with triggers if their “Player ID” equals the number chosen. If so, change their team.

ohhhh that’s really smart. I’ll try it and if it works I’ll mark this as the solution. :smiley:

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Or just use the random player option on a relay.

yes but how do I get the result into a popup?

most likely blocks. But i’m not a code guy.

yes but that could mean almost anything

edit: we should get the block equivalent of a relay that interacts with properties and all that

that’s what I said…

well maybe you can help @UnderTheMoon with their issue

yes I need that very definitely much that would be so great

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Isn’t it spelled player randomization with a z?

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well did you find your solution?Did it work?

yep, you know it : D

havent done that in a while tho

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No, if you see above, I managed to assign ids but still couldn’t get the name into the popup