Player counter host to player help

If you read my guide:

I noticed a bug. When the host dies, the player counter breaks. It only goes up, without reset. I’ve tried to make a property, and the property goes up for the host in the beginning. I made it so if a player dies, it checks if the property is active, and if it is it picks a random person to restart the repeater. It doesn’t work. How do I fix this?

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So, your question is how to make a live player counter that doesn’t break when the host leaves?

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It is how to fix it

You could try lifecycle → trigger → repeater → relay → counter. It shouldn’t stop for anything, but your previous setup shouldn’t stop. You could also use a checker to check if the property equals 1 instead of block code.

When the host dies. Dunno if that was an intentional statement, but they are very different lol

As for the counter, there’s likely some weird stuff going on there. If it really is just a relay that sends out a signal for every player, that shouldn’t be happening. Are you sure that’s all you have?

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Thats what I did


Oh. In your guide it uses block code.

when I built it I didn’t use it

That’s odd… The repeater still works, but the WIRE is doing something weird. This might be a bug.

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Well, there’s been a whole lot of recent wire bugs, so that may be the case.


what do you mean?

Who are you replying to?