Player Counter Help :0

I have been trying to make a player counter for my tag map, but when I, the host, gets knocked out, the player counter stops updating and stays the same. I know I made it right because I have made it for multiple maps. Any Ideas?

What’s the system you’re using?

Does a lifecycle start the system on its own?

Screenshot 2024-02-15 10.58.11 AM
This is my player counter set up, is it similar?

This: How to make a live player counter that ends the game at 1 player! 2/10 - #26 by dogebread


great, i used the same guide. what do you mean by “stop updating”?

Try using a relay that gets triggered by the lifecycle instead.

It didn’t change the number of players left, even if I was in spectator

weird, can you send a screenshot?

Like This? For getrithekd

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Only one relay is necessary.

That Is How I Had It Before, And It Didn’t Work : /

So this?

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wait, how is the end game device incorporated? (i kinda need it for my tag map)

the trigger triggers with the repeater, and checks if players < or = to 1, if that is true, it broadcasts on “end game” which is received by the end game device


Looks similar maybe you did something wrong in the repeater relay, and lifecycle. If not make sure to check the property and counter and

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