Player can move despite movement meter

I was running a play test with my significant other she can move but I cant and I need help fixing this

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Wire a movement meter to a speed modifier. Tracked item runs out → Set speed to 0
If movement meter has blocks:
If: Tracked Item Runs Out
Do: transmit on “Set Speed” (Channel to Speed Modifier to set speed to 0)
Else: Transmit on Speed1(Channel to Speed Modifier to set speed 1)


There is no way to make a player able to move when they run out of a tracked item.
(I think)


yeah the movement meter is buggy they havent fixed it in a long time for example one of my bug post mentioning a bug with the movement meter i tried that same thing blizzy suggested didnt work so gl with this bug


Yeah, the Movement Meter is buggy

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What @Blizzy said seems correct, no affense @Haiasi.

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did you change the speed when player runs out

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wait yeah you could do that i’m stupid i forgot

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thank you guys I´m so stupid i entirely forgot about that bit

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You use a recursing item granter, checker, and speed modifier.

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