Platforming glitch

lol my gim is sideways

Do you just have really transparent objects there?

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This just happens sometimes

Try rehosting, or restarting your device. That normally fixes bugs like this as it hard restarts the map. If neither of those works, email gimkit at

Just press g again to fix it

no barriers i was on slope then turned gravity off

then make a revers slo( in the direction that your gims legs are facing) so that when you turn gravity back on it will put you gim on a flat surface. Then make that surface flat and it should fix.

This isn’t a glitch! You just fell off a tilted angle! Just jump and you’re good! It’s not that bad.


see i wouldn’t know that, that’s why i said try it backwards to see. Lol the effects of not knowing.

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lol not true

oh this is easy go on a side ways object with gravity on then turn it off and then start walking to fix it just turn gravity back on, if you wanted something else you could spam click the on and you will slow fall

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