Platformer Techniques!

This guide will be split up into 3 sections, basic platformer techniques, advanced platformer techniques, and miscellaneous platformer techniques. Now, I can’t be talking about platforming because I don’t have the season ticket, right? Well, left.

The purpose of this guide is to help people build their platforming maps and so they can add difficulty without RNGesus involved.

Basic Platforming Tech

  • Jumping. You know what it is if you are reading this. You know what, I’ll explain it. So, to jump, you have to press the W or ^ arrow. While you are in mid-air, you can move with the AD and <> arrow keys.
  • Headhitters. If you know what Roblox headhitters are, you know what these are. If you don’t know what Roblox headhitters are, it is a type of platforming jump where you have to jump from a platform to a platform directly on top of you, like this:
    Screenshot 2024-04-29 9.11.33 PM

Advanced Platforming Tech

  • Speed Boosting. If you land on a slope just right, you will gain extreme speed and will be able to jump across normally uncrossable gaps.

  • Slope Jump Resetting. ClicClac discovered this technique. Basically, if you use this tech, you can regain your jump and double jump on a slope. On a right slope, these are the key presses: <^>(hold)<^>.

  • Gliding.

Miscellaneous Platforming Tech

  • Speed Modifiers. If you modify your speed, the physics of jumping change because you can jump farther (but not higher), which adds a new challenge because you aren’t used to the new physics.

  • Lasers. You can have lasers that insta-kill you as an obstacle. However, never have the laser heads unshown. The laser heads have invisible hitboxes that stay, even if the laser heads aren’t shown.

And that’s it. If there’s anything I missed, just tell me, although chances are I won’t be able to answer for a while because I have a Math STAAR soon.


Good guide

Cool! BTW, look, State test trauma buddies! :penguin:


not gkc related
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What’s not gim kit creative related?

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I developed a technique called gliding. It is when you place a slope above the player angled down and they must time their jumps so as to stay right against the slope. Really fun at fast speeds!

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it’s about how to play platformers…

this seems gkc related…

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How do you expect to make a platformer guide without the season ticket (I presume)

I think it is about how to make platformers…or atleast i think that’s what they meant.

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after it realses

also, the physics of jumping do not change when you increase speed

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Maybe some people are trying to find a way to have platformer maps in gim kit without having the season ticket. We also want to have the same amount of fun… Unless people don’t like fun? That’s impossible… unless your emo or something… That’s weird…

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They don’t, but you have to adjust since speed makes you think they change, as you technically jump further than usual.

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Drafts and google docs exist

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That feels a bit mean……(not saying I’m emo, but still feels rude.)

No offense! I was just saying it would be weird if someone on here didn’t like fun or something like that… But I guess it makes sense if someone emo doesn’t like fun. I would understand

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Ok. I understand. :smile:

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Saying “hello?” can sound rude even if you didn’t mean it to be. So be careful in the future but it is fine :+1: