Platformer gravity switch glitch

Ok, so I just got the ST today, and I was playing platformer, when I discovered this quite peculiar glitch when switching gravity on a slanted platform.

Is this a bug, or intentional?
Thanks, Fedora

visual glitch, probably. I’m guessing it doesn’t effect your game crucially though.




@That_Fedora_Guy, what does it change?

Possible Solution: When this happens, disable gravity and start game
that may help
(ignore this part, it sounded like I was solution grinding :skull:)

no. The thing fixes when I disable gravity, but I wanna keep this alive so someone notices and fixes it.

this actually isn’t that much of a bug, considering it is only in editing mode, and the other people can’t really see it, it is only on your screen

yeah, just a slight visual flaw.

mark a solution so the topic can close.

ugh fine. (this really bugs me, Josh, please fix this, I will make you a hot dog every morning)

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