Platformer can’t move when by button

There may be topics about this already, but I can’t find any. I play on mobile, and when I go next to a button/vending machine in platformer mode, the move buttons disappear, and I am stuck.

Press the X above the button and see what happens?

Yes for now you can press “X” to bring back the controls, perhaps we’ll have a better solution in the future.


Ok thanks for the help

I completely forgot there was an x button lol

i know i should put it in nolt (i was banned and didn’t bother trying to get the account back or figure out why) but maybe make it more appeling make it red with white or make it flash? like slowly to catch people eyes

Good news, we resolved this and you can now move when near an interactable!


It was such a pain to have to close out of the interaction thing.