Place name ideas!

i need help naming places in an abandoned underground city, a ruin of sorts,

What places are there?

The Underground Bunker
The Dark Misty Area

The Underground Bunker. Huh? Sounds familiar…

Lol yeah it does

How about The Underground City…

I have a question for you?

How do you get regular? [1]

  1. The badges section doesn’t really say… ↩︎

@Scout_Sniper read this:

What does PM stand for?

Ummmmm IDK about that

The lost civilization (parents call it the “forbidden city” to their kids)

Okay. Thanks. Ill try to get regular by November, so…

it could either mean private messages (which obviously isn’t possible)
or pm in time (like 12:00pm to 11:59pm)

Private Message [1]

  1. How about Buried Ruins? ↩︎

Yeah, that would work

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Add things that start with the same letter, like Fortnite’s Loot Lake, Tomato Town, ETC.