Pixelated Games

I found this REALLLLY odd. So I opened up gimkit with family one day to see that my sister’s screen was not pixelated and it was only for me. I’ve been searching online to fix this, but I have found no solutions. Is it pixelated for anyone else??? ( Note: This is not just in Gimkit Creative, it’s also in regular gimkit games.)
Screenshot 2023-06-05 3.31.36 PM
I included an image above of the terrain, everything else looks fine for me though

who that’s weird. when did it start? :exploding_head:

If you reload, will it fix?

uhhh that’s weird. never had that bug.

ive seen that before, i just reloaded and it was gone

This shouldn’t be a big problem, it should be fine to re-enter :slightly_smiling_face: