Pixel Art Maker[WIKI]

This is a wiki for people to ask @GimNo0b to make them pixel art. @GimNo0b you can do whatever you want to this guide, just make it follow the rules.


K but first i have to finish yours it might be awhile

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ok, take your time.

been working for 2 hours in all
Screenshot 2024-02-23 12.55.41 PM


Bad news- assuming you are making a landscape orientation image, this will go over the barrier limit, and you will be unable to complete the image.


Aren’t art requests off topic???

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Im going to make it till the 500 limit then delete the world and do the next part

That’s what I thought too!

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Im remaking the image out of screenshots of each parts

Well, this IS a wiki, so people can also look at and make the requests!

What do you mean by that? You didn’t really address how this has almost nothing to do with GKC…

I have done the math and it will take 1400 barriers to make the image so i will delete and restart the world 3 times

Why make it then?

Because its fun to do and the picture wolftech chose looks really cool in pixel art looks amazing

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There was a legend, that Discourse had found a way…
A way to prevent posts like yours…
I believe it was called the heart button? No, it was the like button. Yeah, that’s it.


Screenshot 2024-02-24 8.58.25 AM

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