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Hello, So I played Other people’s maps but, How Are They Able To put Custom Picture Instructions??? Like for an example, in the gamemode (by Gimkit) Tag Domination, They have instructions in the lobby with pictures… How Do I Make My Map Have Picture Instructions??? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs —> (Relay) Trigger Relay

(Relay) Relay Trigger —> (Popup) Show Popup

You can’t really put Custom Images yet but there are some approved images.

Refer to the documentation

and type Icons/Icon Name or Items/Item Name in the “Icon Image” setting of the popup.

Did it work?

No, i mean like instructions, not items.

Yes, you can’t use custom images yet but you can try to use those in the ”Icons” section of the documentation and use the icon image that best describes your game’s mechanic/s.

I think that gimkit will not likely follow through with custom images because of the new creative discovery

Like, you know how there is an instructions on how to play? Like for the answering question?

I would use text (It is a device)

You can use Barriers, Zones and Text to simulate instructions like the original gimkit gamemodes

Here is the pic

Ik this is off-topic but i have a new help post and nobody is online rn

Okay. Well Nice meeting you! I hope somebody will help me… One day.

you too

Check this post above

If you can see clearly, the instructions use barriers and text, for the energy you can try to recreate it using an Item Spawner and hide a prop/barrier under the Item Spawner base.

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What about the one on the left? Isn’t that a custom image?

Somebody Simulated the EXACT SAME thing…

Isn’t this the tag domination lobby?

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It’s an example… This one dude who re-create snow brawl made the same instructions with the pics.

Can you show a picture?
What was the name of the map?

Custom Images are not yet possible due to moderation concerns.

You might be able to recreate gims with Bookshelves and Ceramic Plate props.

That’s interesting. Do you have the map name? It could have been detailed pixel art, or maybe icon images on a vending machine, or item spawners, or barrier art, or something that we don’t even know about yet. This is all speculation btw, I have no idea of knowing what they did with no pictures.

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You do know that Gimkit Browser of Creative only shows the latest ones right? If you do find it, its called snow brawl with the skin Flurry

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