Pickaxe stuff [deleted]

resolved it I guess so idk how to delete it it just keeps saying “error”

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  • If it is, it’s going to be in a future update. :hammer_and_wrench:
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Josh is adding the things as we speak. It’s hard to add it into Gimkit creative. wait a month after the new game was released

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better now? or do I need to change more

This shouldn’t exist, though, so don’t add anything else.
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I think someone asked about the pickaxe in an email to Josh if I remember correctly its not coming anytime soon as they just finished the new game mode but then again it could just be my bad memory and I could be incorrect

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bro I need to delete my thingy but I don’t know how

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it is going to blast out little pickaxes at players… they will not on their life add melee weapons.

so true though, they could’ve made it VERY EASILY just make a bullet that is invisible with the shape of a sword slash that doesn’t travel any distance, then make the fire animation a swing animation

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