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Wait, can tag zones be activated/deactivated? If so, the player method might work.

I believe so, let me test it

It can

Randomly appearing ghosts: Make a prop appear in the same room as the player for a second, send a notification to the player, and make the black barrier repeatedly turn on and off.

Crucifixes: Automatically trigger the crucifixes’ effect and grant -1 of it.

Jumpscares: It would take a lot of memory to make another set of zones to make the ghost appear behind the player, so just make them appear in the room for a second before vanishing.

Random breathing: Refer to what I said about audio caused by ghosts.

Lights breaking/turning off: Deactivate buttons that turn off lights and activate black barriers in certain rooms. For the car alarm, the key could be in the same room as the car and a vending machine in the car will disable the alarm. You could also use flashing red lights in these events to make the mood more frantic.

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(This is supposed to be a reply to @4r33.)
Nice! Then we COULD try using a player instead of a sentry. It would be more fun for the ghost, and a more spooky experience than a teleporting sentry. Though we would need to make some interactions happen regardless if the ghost player willingly triggers it or not if the interaction (like the Ouija board) has to happen and be accurate… and we would have to make it so that the ghost player is completely invisible no matter where they are unless it’s a ghost event or a hunt (or any situation where the ghost needs to be visible for a short period of time). And we would need to make sure that when it isn’t a hunt, the ghost player can’t kill. Is this possible @NavyCatZ? (The invisible part at least; sorry for the ping again)

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From what I remember(if I remember correctly) the ghost only goes after one player in a room at a time, maybe use a repeater to deactivate the tag zone, @NavyCatZ , you are better at devices than me, will this work, or, do you need another device to preform this action?

No problem. Unfortunately, there isn’t a method of making players invisible yet. However, invisibits exist in capture the flag and haven’t been added yet. It is likely that this feature will be added in the future.

As a work around for this issue, you could make players’ sight and ability to use equipment that enhances that more restrictive. You could also buff the ghost by making them faster. Balance out however much you want.

You could add a kill cooldown and/or teleport the player to another room after they kill someone.

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yeah Idk anything else to add, tag me, Navy, other members/regulars and/or the mods for more help @cs3112583 (imma try and help on other topics before I say something messed up here)

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I finally figured out how to Deactivate the tag zone

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Ok @NavyCatZ and @4r33, I’ve got some ideas for the truck the players spawn in:
The activity level will be pretty similar to the EMF level (they are not the same. EMF levels track the energy the ghost leaves behind during interactions, and it’s (almost) randomized, while the activity level is solely based on the number and the intensity of the interactions. Hunts always cause the activity level to peak.) it would check for interactions via a property over 30ish seconds and display it with text
The sanity level is player only, tracked via energy; uses loot table like method and displays with text.
The minimap should show the outline of the house (I scrapped the idea for the map to show the hunters’ locations) and where the circuit breaker is. This will be made of text.
All of these maps will be shown on Television props.
However, we have an issue. All of the equipment should be able to be picked up, carried, and dropped inside of the house to be used. And there should be a max amount of items that the hunters can use. How should I implement this? @here

I can help with design, I am not a machinist, but I believe Navy is

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For the equipment you could use items and a wire repeater clock-checker system that will trigger a button to appear when it detects the item in your inventory. You could use that same checker system to increment a counter tracking a property. Before the checker sends a signal to something like a game overlay, it will first go through a trigger. Its blockcode will check if the property is less than a certain value. If yes then broadcast on channel, otherwise broadcast on a different channel. That channel will activate an inventory item manager for that certain item and the iim is set to have a max item amount of 0.

An issue with this is deactivating the iim when a player drops an item. I don’t know if the feature to deactivate that device has been added yet.


Yes I could help. but could we have more information?

Can I participate? :-/

Yeah, it’s going to be a very big project, and I’ll need all the help I can get. Same for you @Rusty.

For Rusty

What do you need more information about?

Sorry never mind I have never played Phasmophobia.

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So I need to make it so that during hunts and other events (also when you are communicating with the ghost or when you stay in the dark for too long), the drain on your sanity will increase only during certain conditions. How should I do this?
(@NavyCatZ since you’re better at this than me)