Perk A Colas V2

Ok so as you guys saw, perks. I’ve found out how to make some of the machines, but here’s where you guys come in! I was thinking of making custom perk machines within my map! So, if you have ideas, take a screenshot of it, name it and tell me what it does. I’m interested in what you guys will come up with!

And just in case some of you guys don’t know what perk a colas are, they are a machine you can buy an ability by buying soda and then consuming it.

What perks do you already have?

I have Deadshot Stamina-up Speed Cola PhD Flopper Widows Wine Electric Cherry and Mule kick

Maybe a temporary immunity to damage?

Ok idk how to do that, maybe a machine that generates a safe zone idk

If some of you guys need an example, Vigor Rush(Actual custom perk from bo3 mod) will make bullets explosive and deal double damage.

Do you already have regen?

No, i do not have regen

At all, and no way to regen shields or hp

So that’s one idea if you guys need idea

I will try to make the jugggernog machine, I just made it so on my map that people have 200 hp, and 1 shield, and they start with only 100 hp, and when bought, they gain 200 hp

Ok thanks very much!

I might also add regen after buying the perk

Ok thanks this will surely help me a lot

Still don’t play COD. :cry:

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