Peppa Pig Character Creation Help

I need help creating peppa pig characters for my peppa pig and george pig horror game.
Ideas or Topics?

Peppa Pig Barrier Art By GimkitLover1

How’s this for my first barrier art EVER?!

You can use barriers to make Peppa or George.

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dang. I was going to make a piggy game. this is basically piggy right?

Yes. Barrier art will be your best bet i think

So basically I searched it up and “Piggy” was based off of peppa pig.
So I think so.

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Is it platform or top-down? Either way barriers will probably be the best option.

Unfortually, no.
Ok thank you.

Actually it’s barriers for the face, Coal bag for the hat, Corral for the hand, Text for the smile, barrel for the body, and wooden sign poles for the nose.
Any suggestions for replacements???

What about the arms?

at this point idrc.

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YES! finally someone removed outline when making barrier art. respect.
anyways, as a barrier art expert, here are the things you can change:

uhm, the nostrils of her nose look really strange, try and make them shorter or use something else.
her pupils are big, maybe make them smaller?
as for the body, maybe make it more triangle-shaped like a dress almost, (looks for like actual peppa pig.) but using barrels /was/ pretty creative.
also, idk what that little coral thing next to her head is, if that’s supposed to be there anyways.

overall, this is really good for your first barrier art! just a few changes and it’ll look great.




Wb your unsilenced again :partying_face:


The black is cool. However, maybe make Peppa look… dimmer. The pink is very bright for a horror game.

Why wouldn’t you? It would just be a black outline. Like huhhhh?

Your feedback reply:
I know right!! I used wooden poles, the shortest kind and I’m not really sure what else to use. Any ideas?
And I tried but that is the smallest kind and I am pretty sure nothing gets smaller.
Maybe a plate?
I will try to find a better fitting replacement for the body. And thank you!!
I am trying to make peppa look like she is sneaking out/ hiding from PHYSCO mommy and daddy pig.
The coral is supposed to like a hand. I know, it REALLY bad it’s just, I do not know what else could work.

~Thank you so much for your feedback, you do not even know how helpful it is because like I’ve said, This is my 1st time and I do not know how to do anything. LOL!!~

More tips would be apperciated and helpful :slight_smile:


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You know what I will try that.
That is a very good suggestion :slight_smile:

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No arms I guess LOL!!!

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i think peppa pig is copyrighted, most of that stuff is

for the nose, maybe try using text? i think a ‘|’ would look ok.
and also, np!

I NEED Suggestions for circular small eyes type thingy/