Padlet link for playtest

??? To who?

@Caternaught Eats your brother, another cat-astronaut. Starts eating more cat.


sorry that was confusing i see it now

whats the question then?

my brother is also a shifter. so is my sister

Remember how @ClicClac said they were making mario party as well as several other people, well, I was thinking we should all work together to create a gigantic guide or wiki or something. If not, that’s ok!

just a thought and also thought maybe you would help cuz ive seen some of your amazing work

sure! it would be fun!

ok! imma try to reach the people @ClicClac mentioned

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hey @GimSolver? what was that guide you made that kinda copied (in art) @T_Sonic54 and his tim gim?

oops @ClicClac said that but you make amazing work anyway so it would be great to have you on the team lol

ONE ping is enough! We should probably make Mario Party before we make a guide on it.


I’ll help if you want, just saying!

0.o erm n-no cat/or fox flavored snacks h-here hehehe :sweat_smile:



sorry! but I’m saying we should all work together to make mario party and then make a guide on it

No numbers or symbols

my bad

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