Padlet Chatting Help!

How can i make the padlet a chat? Please help me.

This is off-topic.

Please help im so confused ive tried for days

Okay, so just go to Padlet and make a new padlet. I see in your bio that you have a padlet there already.

i have a padlet account alrdy

In your bio, there is a padlet link.
Anyways, I have no edit access on it.
Also, please mark a solution as this is off-topic!

you can make a free discussion on

next time if your asking about different sites just use google

@Sweets323 is this an alt account? Because @Weirdowoman121 used to have the exact same pfp.

Maybe the image is easy to find online?

Maybe. Ok anyway, back on-topic. (Although this is off-topic already) You just go into settings @Sweets323, then you should find an option for responses. Select comment.
Screenshot 2024-06-09 10.08.08 AM

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