Overall Thread about my Lethal Company game

I mentioned it in a previous topic, but I’m opening this now so if I have questions that need answering or something I can just post it without forcibly spamming.

Screenshot 2024-03-26 8.09.24 AM

to make the system to pick your moon, it uses a terminal with a bunch of buttons you can use. Everytime you click a button it triggers its own trigger and sets the property deciding the moon to its moon. this is an example, does it look right?

Test it out to see if it works!

I plan on doing that im just going to finish it up for all of the other ones first. I also need to make a system to show which one its routed to by using text that hides and shows depending on it.

Shouldn’t "experimentation have “get property” in front of it?

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As InfiScript said, test it out! Have a friend or other tab do it.

Yeah, I think so. (is anyone else online rn? lol)

If it triggers itself doesn’t that mean it will create an infinite loop though?

Nvm. I thought when you said “own trigger” that meant it would trigger itself

That may be the point. I don’t see an infinite loop though.

its been a while but it does work! I used text to show which it is, but the only issue is on the start all of the test shows so it looks like a mess until a button is pressed. ill fix that before release though

yeah that was confusing, but its every button has its own trigger linked to it for setting the moon

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