Out of Ideas :(

I need help brainstorming ideas for a “Don’t Press The Button” game, inspired by Roblox and SilverGames. Please help and tell me if you have any ideas!

This might give you some ideas:


Oh, thank you so much! You’re always so helpful :slight_smile:

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I can’t even flag his posts

It is saying I don’t have permission

@ShinyRiolu may I see what you have done? I think that this game would be great when finished!


Ok! This is what I have so far!


do you think you could share a code on the padlet?

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Sure but I probably have to go really soon!

ok thats fine!

Ok, what or where is the padlet?

alternative wix padlet

Maybe try using this, I’ll make part 2 soon


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You have to be TL2.

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gimsolver you should check the gcc


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I am it was just a glitch because other people were just clicking it faster

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