Our game has 550,000 plays but is not on community picks?

Hi guys we were wondering how you get on community picks and why our game might not be. Our game has over half a million plays (proof shown below) and we consistently update and fix bugs, additionally it has been nominated for the Gimkit awards. Does anyone have an idea why it is not on it?

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I don’t know exactly, but I heard the moderators have to choose.

The last post you made already summed It up.

It has to be chosen by the mods.

@Marcuz_SBB_Dev please look at this

What last post can you show me it

Off-topic question but: How many people work on Super Battle Bros? I’m just curious.

It was my post and I asked about it, but now you have proof about the plays I guess.

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maybe it was someone else, because there was another post just like this. I’ll try to see tho

Yeah, it was someone else my bad

but yeah in conclusion: mods choose, it looks good, i’ll go maybe check it out.

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@KrishnaVA It’s just me and Dragon11, we sometimes have some of our other friends build a map or something like that.

Alright, thanks!

I did a quick check on your game; it looks pretty good. High quality, I can see why people like it. Very cool game!

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yea i think its the mods that choose and haven’t seen it yet sumhow

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