Original Pokemon name ideas

I’m making a Pokemon map and (wow I’ve began a lot of post that way lately) and I want to come up with some original/funny ideas for the names of Pokemon to put in the pokedex of my map. Wasn’t actually gonna do it until @Coral suggested it. Maybe like a pokemon called mimic instead of ditto or something.


Eevee could be called Genione, (I suck at names) like a play of the word “Gene” Since eevee has unstable genetics, also this is technically off topic, as this is more of pokemon that GKC!

A but a Pokedex could be interesting, it helps players get a grasp of what they have to accomplish

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What do you mean,

that’s a great name!


Do you have any specific Pokemon that you need names for?

(too bad @Little isn’t here for this)

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Game name idea:
“The Monsters of Gimmon”


Pocket-Monsters → Pokemon
Gimkit-Monsters → Gimemon

Just a random idea.


Whatever pokemon is iconic enough or that you like. For instance, I just came up with the idea to call a magikarp a muggle fish.

Pikachu! The most iconic pokemon ever!.. how about we rename it into “Speedachu” because in Fishtopia there is a upgrade called bolt and theres a picture of lighting and it makes you faster. So technically just rename “Pikachu” into “Speedachu”
Just a random weird idea

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That would be absolutely awesome

Please don’t use negative words.

Yeah it’s a good idea and you shouldn’t insult yourself.

Only for @Coral

How does your protege stuff work with being a protege of clic clac? It would help me if you could tell me.

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Its ok, It is just this forum if meant to be user freindly. So to prevent you from gettig flagged, you might want to just say, “I am not very good at that”.


I hate not using negative words on myself.


Same, I try to find to most nutral words when I dislike things possible.


that’s actually fire bro
I feel like im the only one who isn’t good at coming up with names lol, I always have to ask AI what to name my non-gimkit games

Thanks, I always try my best!

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