Organizing Devices

How do I make my devices more organized in the future?

Yeah. I’m using repeaters. So what?

Is… this about a map? If not… then…

cool and I do but is this a guide?

ye if not then its off topic

try not to do that plz

He’s saying hes really disorganized and wants to know how to be more organized

u joined 8-9 months ago u know the rules

Using channels can help making it less messy.(I haha good one “spaghetti”)


ah then wat u need help with

Then why is the title asking ( Who likes spaghetti? )

you could move it

Its supposed to be a joke because it is so disorganized it looks like spaghetti

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that true BTW @leo_flowers I noticed u got promoted to regular congrats

“Spaghetti” in technical terms usually refers to something that has no real organization or form to it.

there’s not much u could do with messy wiring so

oh! I thought he was trying to attract ppl and then more ppl would help him…

Does Spaghetti look like that? :thinking:

no y have u not seen spaghetti???!!!


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Channels can make it more organized and you can put them in groups for what they do “for example this group makes power ups spawn on the map.”

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