Optics for finer aiming

I am currently trying doing a battle royale game mode and all is good but I know Gimkit is a 3rd person game but I got an idea about optics (for people who don’t know its like zooming in and having a more precise crosshair)

Welcome to the forum! Maybe…but you cant activate camera zones arrrrghhhh… i dont think this is possible but maybe some of those block code experts can help…

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Would Shdwy be able to help?

Oh and welcome to the forum.

I’m new so idk who that is

for suggestions ask some regulars for the gimkit nolt suggestion site

Thank you for the welcome

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Isn’t Shdwy good with this kind of stuff?

yeah but optics are impossible and this is more of a suggestion

Fair enough

Use nolt for suggestions, not the forums. The forums are only for help with gimkit creative, not suggestions.


Welcome @trey_z !

Also here is suggestions:

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now if i remember the link for the suggestion site is gimkit.nolt.io ? (edit: nvm skylar got it)

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I’ve already suggested, I was hoping an expert on gimkit creative could help me but thanks for taking the time to reply

Well hopefully they add this soon then. :+1:

ah ok this is impossible and i doubt they are adding 3d gimkit soon but maybe customizable cursors for aiming sorry but anyways have a good day meow! :3

If you are finished with this post mark a solution to avoid clutter.

I’m probably going to post another cry for help within the next few hours, farewell.