Open world map 0-0

nuh uh were on to something

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I’m aware but I want to know and I don’t like being asked the same question every day like the guy has no patience

and frankly I’ve had people stalk my account if they bug me too often I’m also bugging them


and @greenbean7 please your not helping

Take lots of inspiration from Luigi’s Mansion! Maybe make a minigame mode! One could be where you try to catch as many ghosts as possible fast, in a closed space. Also, make a flashlight that will slowly run out of battery, and you have to find batteries scattered across the map to get it to full charge.


ohhh spirited away I love that movie!

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I grew up thinking it was autumn back when I was in first I figured it out
but getting off topic

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great job that’s amazing!

My (really bad) detective skills are being set off. If you are in 4th grade wouldnt that mean you are younger than 13?

Edit: Sorry I didnt click reply. Im replying to @suki-moon

Who are you replying to?

but no one on my help topic mention their grade or age

ahhh I’m going semi inactive on june 21st
Need to finish scenery